Smartphones as data capture devices: a fascinating trend


Let’s agree on the obvious: the world we live in now is more and more close-knitted through  digital transformation. It has succeeded in integrating every mundane and monotonous business models with productive  digital technologies. Smartphones’ arrival and the way they have simplified our everyday tasks are a well-known fact. Mobiles are more adaptive in touching every sphere of enterprises as they serve as the platform for various astounding applications.

So what’s the contribution of smartphones in data capture? Even in these “Digital” times, the amount of data and paper documents that carry them are still a present day reality. The need to find a simple and practically feasible solution to go paperless is important to ensure that the digital roadmap be free from hiccups and hindrances. Mobile plays a crucial role for a low cost but effective digitization efforts. Now is it even possible for mobile devices to be of any help in a field that is prevalently marked by manual tasks?

The fast-paced flow of paper documents is negatively influencing companies’ productivity to get slowed down. The traditional manual data capture is ill-equipped to handle the mass volume of paperwork in a typical business enterprise. That’s where digital data capture comes to the rescue. With the right mix of process automation and AI-powered solutions, it assists organizations in automating their manual paperwork by simple condition based process flow.

Automated data capture has evolved far beyond and succeeded in leveraging a few other technologies with its sheer innovations. The huge surge of smartphones in this decade is now pointing data capture to this powerful platform. Mobile phones’ easy portability and on-device configuration have made them the best host in the market for integrating digital data capture software. 

The significance of mobile capture lies in its simplistic approach:

  1. Take your snippets, menus, business cards, receipts, or ads.
  2. Take the picture with a mobile phone.
  3. Kaptiche recognizes the text and does the image preprocessing and finally extracts the information.
  4. Searchable and editable data is now in your hands.

Of all the advantages and business factors, the widespread access to compact smartphones, when equipped with automated data capture, is the right tool for traveling salespeople and field agents. The core functionality of data capture is to extract the scanned images and render the data into electronic and editable files. In that regard, for example, sales teams are required to finish up quite a number of paperwork before making a sales contract. These paper-ridden procedures are crucial and, undoubtedly, so massive that it necessitates quick and real-time data capture.

The usual method followed by field personnel is to get the strategic blueprint from the clients and forward them to their administrative office, which then captured and approved. This exhaustive and time-consuming process is no good news for streamlining operations that go into the field.

Now, what if your salesforce has a mobile device with Kaptiche data capture software? The scenario would be quite different. Take out your phone, capture the contractual documents – with its signatures and credentials, remotely share the extracted information in an instant, get approved from the back office – the sale deal is closed!

 This smart document capture brings corporations closer to its partners, customers, and employees by expanding their remote workforce, unconstrained by physical limitations. Moreover, the back office can assign tasks and track sales progress, collect field data and analyze it in real-time. This real-time reporting is remarkable as it feeds organizations with exhaustive business analytics while reducing volumes of paperwork.

Kaptiche-enabled mobile devices can capture and extract information embedded in paper-printed QR and Barcodes. Simplified registrations by capturing data from IDs, on-the-go capture of logistics cargo transit papers, instant capture of travel receipts for quick reimbursements are some examples of Kaptiche mobile data capture and its ubiquitous business applications.

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