Middle East Logistics: How to Clear Dubai Customs Fast and Easy by Using Kaptiche


Middle East countries, whose economy depends entirely on its natural oils, is shifting its center of economic attention to much diversified public service sectors. Saudi Arabia has already made its move by declaring “Saudi Vision 2030”, a plan to enlarge its economic fortress. It is a winning move since the plan includes logistics and supply chain as its primary focus. So it is certain that the logistics business is going to see an unprecedented boom in the middle east.  

Although logistics industries have gained enough attention to be promoted in the Arabic nations, the internal business operatives are justly worried about two major issues.

  1. How to clear all the necessary customs clearance procedures to get the cargo past the eyes of the customs faster?
  2. How to make use of the increasing amount of digital documents in the workplaces and prepare them quickly customs-worthy?

Kaptiche data capture software has the answer.

Error-free shipment documents:

It would make the matter worse and delay the shipment, if the prying eyes of the customs found any errors in the documents you submit. Moreover, If the importer requires your cargo urgently, your documentation process should be very quick. But manual data entry has a pitfall of human typing errors. Error-ridden documents will not pass the Customs, and you have to re-edit the documents – which is chaos all the way.  Instead, Kaptiche automates the data capture and extracts the information as it is with complete precision. By being reliable and incredibly accurate, it saves you the trouble of having to spend millions of money and your valuable human resource to correct the human-made errors and you can dispatch the cargo by quickly clearing the customs-related documents.

Paper-ridden logistics business:

For a shipping company, customs clearance would be the top-most priority, which is also a daunting task. The crucial information in these documents should be presented to the customs with top-notch quality. As UAE is the leading exporter of petroleum-related products in the world, Dubai export companies are one of the busiest workplaces.

Unlike other business sectors, shipping and logistics use paper hardcopies and digital paper documents for nearly all the documentation. The Customs thoroughly verify documents such as the original Bill of Lading, packing list, Delivery Orders, and Commercial Invoices to authenticate the cargo. If you are an exporter or a Custom House Agent (CHA), you know very well how accurate the data should be, without which it is not that easy to get past the custom.

For that purpose, a productive data capture solution is of the highest importance. Kaptiche data capture software extracts your crucial data from various documents and converts them into the readable and text-searchable electronic file. But why do we need Kaptiche?

Get rid of manual data entry:

It should be noted that a BL issued by the shipping agent contains complete information of the shipment including cargo description, package type, quantity, consignee address, and vessel name etc. All these data are scattered across several paper documents in several formats.

Now imagine how many paper documents you have to search through before combining all those details into a single BL document! So how will you capture all these data? Will you manually go through every such document to collate the data? No way! Manual Data entry has no place in logistics. Instead of the cumbersome manual data entry, Kaptiche automates the entire data capture process.

All the paper documents are efficiently captured and all the required data are extracted quickly with flawless accuracy. Whereas manual data entry takes you days to capture the data, it’s a matter of minutes before Kaptiche extracts data from thousands of digital paper documents.

Automatic document classification:

There is truly a tantalizing amount of different documents you have to extract the data from. In a traditional scene, your team has to segregate the packing lists, Master BLs, insurance certificate, and FOB agreements pertaining to the shipping bill numbers for classification. But Kaptiche efficiently identifies the documents and automatically classifies, sorts, and routes the documents. So rather than sitting and classifying the documents themselves, your human resources can be redirected to some other fruitful tasks.

All said, there was a time when the export agents were puzzled with the surging papers and the ways to tackle the problems it brings with. That time is up. Kaptiche is the go-to option you have thereby you are assured of a world of digitized and efficient document capture.

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