Kaptiche, your high speed Document Capturing Software


Do you have paper files or digital files that need to be retained? Start capturing the content of your documents (invoices, patient records, insurance forms, corporate policies, registration forms, etc.,) with intelligent data capture software, Kaptiche.

Kaptiche is a document capture software that enables organizations of all sizes to transform any documents into actionable information no matter how they are received. It helps reduce redundant paperwork and the burden on the workforce by efficiently transforming unstructured documents into retrievable information. Thus increasing your organizational efficiency and productivity

Document capture software helps your firms to automatically classify, extract and validate your business-critical data from customer communications and business processes such as customer requests, transactions, queries etc. It enables you to access both paper and digital documents coming from multiple sources (MFPs, network scanners, e-mails, FTP, file shares and mobile devices) in a single flow.

Kaptiche uses advanced Optical mark recognition (OMR) landscape to maintain a high level of accuracy for scanning and capturing human-marked data from document forms such as surveys ,questionnaires and multiple choice examination paper in the form of lines or shaded areas and also it has the capability of learning different styles of handwritten text with the help of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technique.

Various confidential data within documents can be protected with different access rights. HTTPs provides bidirectional encryption between a user and a server, protecting against data interception and tampering attacks.

What Kaptiche offers to our customers is superior quality, perfect accuracy and transparency in technology with intelligent processing.

Speed up your business and boost your organizational efficiency with Kaptiche. Would like to explore more about our product? Schedule a demo or Email us at marketing@kaptiche.com


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