Kaptiche Webinar: Key Challenges, Trends and Approaches in Extracting Data


Capturing the text information from the digital documents are posing an increasing challenge for enterprises. Even many developed companies struggle with extracting the business insights from digital paper documents.

Join us for a webinar as Mr. Vinodh K, Director of Business and Technology, Sensiple, leads you through the automated document capture. Be guided into the world of quick and reliable data capture and have control over your workplace information.

Learn how to forego your manual data entry, with all its errors and operational costs, and serve your customers better. Reduce human intervention and boost your operational excellence with Kaptiche.

Regardless of the size of your company, no matter if you are newly-founded or a large organization, the webinar relates you to the importance of adopting digital data capture to face the challenges and adapt to the trends.

The keynotes of the webinar are:

  • How to extract data on a periodical basis or all together with little to no manual intervention
  • Store all your paper documents digitally and retrieve any document through simple text search
  • Intelligently classify and sort various documents easily based on the types
  • Manage your incoming bulk documents from multiple sources
  • How multi-channel data entry is done with Kaptiche (documents from several channels such as E-mails, mobile devices, network scanners, and Fax, etc.)
  • How Kaptiche intelligently classifies a different kind of documents with its bucket management. (sort and file invoices, business memorandums, transactional documents, financial reports and so on).
  • How Kaptiche captures information even from skewed documents and how texts buried within images are extracted.
  • How you can render your data into a searchable and editable file format for ready reference.

We hope you can make it, but if you can’t, register anyway so we can send you the recording.