Importance of having an Intelligent data capture software and its paybacks


A lot of people who are working with abundant data, day in and out aren’t aware of the significance of data capture solutions in business processes. The process becomes very crucial when the amount of data  to be processed grows over time: invoices, customer request, reports, contracts, orders, etc. Starting from gathering relevant information(in varied formats) from different departments, processing and sending the sensitive data to the right downstream application, managing data flow precisely becomes critical in long run.

We are here to help you out! Our product Kaptiche is an intelligent data capture solution which can solve your business problems associated with document classifications and enable retrieval of meaningful data.

Let’s go through some highlights of intelligent data capture and document recognition technologies!

Automated document classification through advanced recognition delivers better performance

Our advanced intelligent data capture system can transform your raw content into actionable information, using technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark recognition (OMR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), and barcode recognition. It automatically recognizes and classifies the document type and extracts all necessary information by saving a considerable amount of time. 

Businesses who deals with a huge number of invoices, purchase orders, customer queries, etc., in a day would get benefited the most by automatic document classification. Kaptiche automatically recognizes the document type and extracts the necessary details related to the business to forward to the appropriate department for authentication or bookkeeping.

Create operational efficiency with Kaptiche

Transform data from multiple input sources (mail, email, network scanner, electronic files and mobile devices) that are in different formats (paper, images, pdf, XML, etc.) into a single output format. Kaptiche helps to structure the vital information before it goes into any downstream applications by extracting data, classifying and validating it against the existing details and assure that correct information is passed on to those who are in need . Thus by collecting, processing, validating and passing the multi-channel input into single output format creates operational efficiency.

Separate useful data from unwanted junk and keep error-free information

Human error is the most common error in manual data handling. Intelligent data capture software recognizes the type of document and automatically fills in the business values that are needed with high accuracy and is much more efficient than keeping individuals to type data manually.

Improve service delivery, save time, and effort

For enterprises just starting out with data capture, Kaptiche helps to phase out the regular way of working within the business processes to achieve higher quality and accurate content in lesser time.Kaptiche saves your time and effort by automating the process of pulling information from different channel and processing the data. It reduced the wait time when compared to a manual entry and produce error free information. Kaptiche eased out the way, how critical information goes into applications like ERP, CRM, SAP etc.,

Thus bringing Kaptiche into your business processes - reduces time, effort, costs and risks of human errors associated with document-centric workflows, thus constructively impacting your service delivery. To know how our intelligent data capture software also supports organizations like yours to achieve a quick return on investment contact us at or schedule a demo