How Digital Document Capture Supports the Productivity of Financial Sectors?



The financial industry is one of the most demanding of any other sectors. These industries are in a race to digitally transform
document intensive and compliance-centric processes.

Managing massive amounts of information is critical to manage financial portfolios, and this requires using the right financial services document capture software. We help secure your financial banking documents into digital documentation with our product, Kaptiche document capture software.

With Kaptiche capture software, financial institutions can process loan applications electronically. Employees can view loan documentation quickly and easily from their desktops or over the Web, and work with colleagues to speed business decisions.


Kaptiche is a software that allows regional banks, credit unions, and lending institutions to accelerate performance. It enhances the speed and precisions of document-driven processes. It ensures security and compliance by data capture, validation, and delivery of information from an unstructured data.

By integrating an automation data capture software, the manual errors are automatically captured from the starting of the process and given to the banker, allowing them to reduce exceptions before the customer leaves. It reduces tedious manual labor and will enable employees to focus on their core objectives.

Here are the few benefits of Kaptiche in the financial sector

1. Kaptiche enables financial organizations to provide their clients with high-quality service and reduces manual data entry errors by automating the data capture and validating.

2. Various confidential data within documents can be protected with different access rights.

3. HTTPs provides bidirectional encryption between a user and a server, defending against data interception and tampering attacks.

4. There's no longer a need to maintain a file cabinet bulging with financial documents (pdf, images, etc.) You can improve productivity, reduce office space requirements and serve clients better.

5. Kaptiche saves your time and also enhances information accuracy to better support your organization. This helps your banking institutions to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our data capture and archive scanning services can help your banking institution in restructuring its system for improved efficiency and increase productivity while reducing costs. Grow your efficiency by letting Kaptiche work for your business

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