How Data Governance can be Ensured with Kaptiche?


If we were to name a persisting issue that seems unsolvable in business sectors, it is the issue of securing the business data. Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent, endangering the security and safe transaction of data. So companies are now forced to resort to the necessary means to ensure data security.

In that trail, data governance is one such data management concept that is gaining much attention. Its main purpose is to warrant the data quality throughout the business pipeline. It comprises the collection, revision, and standardization of the data, which can be used to acquire business intelligence. As easy as it seems, at first sight, the process is very painstaking. Before standardizing the data flow, first you need to be aware of how to extract it in the first place.

The laborious task of data entry

Enterprises and organizations are receiving both structured and unstructured data every day on a large scale. But there should be certain standards against which they need to be verified and analyzed before converted into meaningful insights. In short, data governance touches the entire workflow of a company – it guarantees the security, quality, accessibility, consistency, and continued updating of the data all through its lifecycle.

But if the first step of data gathering itself is problematic, that’s something to be really concerned about. Yes, we are talking about data entry. The incoming raw data in your workplace are captured and entered into the database from which you collect the necessary information. But how this data capture is done? Even technically advanced large companies still rely on outdated manual data entry to extract the data. But it is apparent that manual data entry is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and proximate to human errors. You need to find a real and lasting solution before getting bogged down in all the troubles these archaic practices bring with.

Kaptiche gets rid of manual data entry

You cannot have an updated data repository if you are unable to keep track of the data in real-time. Yes, an organization’s inbound data flow must be kept track of, captured, stored, and protected on the go. But if you try to do that manually, of course, it’s highly improbable. Rather, you can easily automate this data entry process with Kaptiche data capture software. It simplifies your data entry process as it extracts your data digitally and allows you to access the extracted data in digital formats, too. For example, paper-ridden industries such as banks, financial firms, and pharmaceuticals may suffer a great deal due to the manual data entry. For the Data Governance to be implemented in these industries effectively, data entry should be automated.

Eliminate the possibilities of human errors

A cybersecurity survey by PwC explains that only 25% of the consumers believe most companies handle their sensitive personal data responsibly.It is alarming that roughly three-fourths of consumers are questioning the reliability of companies when it comes to handling their data. But the truth stands: manual data entry inescapably leads to human errors. Human limitations cause typing errors, especially if the data entry operator has thousands of paper documents to process.  But how data governance can be enforced successfully amid this big obstacle?

Now Kaptiche is quick, accurate, and trustworthy in extracting your information from the documents and it entirely removes human-made errors from the data entry process. Eliminating re-work is one of the aspects of Data Governance and Kaptiche safeguards that requirement. If you take out a scanned document to extract its data, Kaptiche ensures the end-to-end processes of extraction, digital conversion, and the outcome data. No intermittent error-related delays or re-work are associated with Kaptiche.

Exclusive data with easy access

Cyber protection becomes questionable if the critical information is stuck in paper documents. It’s also impractical to monitor the multitude of documents scattered across your database in several different forms and formats. Now Kaptiche not only extracts your data, but it also renders the digitized data editable and text-searchable. What’s the advantage? You can bring all your data into a single spectrum and allow authorized personnel to search and edit the data from anywhere, anytime.

Data Governance emphasizes and demands the data to be worthy of the regulatory compliances. Since you can just search and find the data with just a few keywords, you can fetch data that goes far back several years.

In the end, by enforcing and supporting the efforts made by Data Governance, the data efficiently extracted by Kaptiche helps you make meaningful business decisions, optimize operations, and improve profitability.

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