Email Data Capture using Kaptiche


In the modern era of digital communications, the primary mode of correspondence is Emails. In your workplace, you may receive different sorts of digital mails – emails that are plain texts and emails with attachments. The conversion of all these bulk data into actionable business intelligence is indeed a remarkable task. But the traditional manual data entry process in a mailroom is tiresome, and it demands much effort.

By automating the old manual mailroom processes with Kaptiche, a data capture software, you can automatically extract your data and have better access to the critical business information.

Increased efficiency

The digital mailroom is, in essence, workflow automation. Instead of collating the digital mails and manually sequencing them to figure out the intended business information, automating the data extraction process speeds up the entire operation.

The usual workflow in a mailroom, namely collecting, classifying, extracting, validating, and routing the email attachments can efficiently be achieved in a seamless sequence by automating with Kaptiche. By reducing the human intervention at the front-end manual data capture, redundant tasks are shrunken, and workflow can be fast-tracked.

Reduced operational cost

In a busy mailroom, it takes huge human resource to read, sort, and distribute the incoming emails. You will receive several documents from multiple sources. Rather than having humans to analyze and sort the emails, it is much more cost-efficient to automate this process with Kaptiche.

Kaptiche receives, analyzes, classifies, captures, and validates, the incoming emails according to its category and departmental purposes. So, manual checking, human error, and misclassification of documents have no place in your workspace. All the investments poured into fixing these troubles are eliminated. 

Search and edit your data

If the emails remain in their original unstructured format, it is unthinkable to trace the data stored in millions of documents. So in the event of an audit or a compliance regulation process, the crucial data, that goes back to years, cannot readily be available for retrieval.

But with Kaptiche, all your inbound digital mail documents are effectively rendered text-searchable and editable. These searchable data are easy to classify. Once classified, you can easily monitor various kinds of data received from different sources and offices. This high visibility will enable you to filter down the relevant emails, and in the end, leading you to comply with the regulatory norms.

Data security

The end-to-end data protection of important business-critical information is made possible in a digital mailroom. Secure admin control and read-only features restrict the mail data from falling in the wrong hands, and only the intended recipients can access or edit the files.

In a collaborative network where multiple people can have access to the data extracted from the correspondence document, Kaptiche allows you to have real-time control over your data. Your business data is logged and archived, and data leakage is prevented.

Shared intelligence & easy access to the information

With just a secure link over the internet, the extracted information can be viewed and analyzed. This broad exposure to the shared intelligence in a business setting will help you gain all the necessary insights.

But if you want to extract and traditionally share the critical data, you will be manually copying the data. This practice will undoubtedly consume much time and energy, and it is immensely challenging to streamline this process across an enterprise. But automating the data capture will reduce the manual data entry and enables you to share the intelligence across several applications and devices.

Decision cycle reduction

Put simply, faster access to incoming emails reduces the decision cycle. The entire sequence of steps in a digital mailroom is thoroughly automated to such an extent that the arrival of the documents is notified to you as soon as the mail is received.

The data from within mail attachments of pre-configured mailboxes containing unstructured data, which can be retrieved and rendered into the CSV or JSON file formats. Depending on the level of urgency, the captured information is then processed.

Improved customer experience

In a digital mailroom, faster response time is achieved since the flow of information is rapid. But if it takes a precious portion of your time to process a document, the end-user may get frustrated, and the service may not be delivered on time and in an expected way.

The faster and more personalized service enabled by the digital data capture improves customer services and prompt claim resolution. Legacy customer ticket resolution processes that usually take days to finish can be processed in a matter of few hours in a digital mailroom.

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