Document Capture Software in Banking Systems


Banking is the cornerstone for the economic growth of a nation. Investment banks and commercial banks alike have numerous documentation processes that it is difficult to keep up with them all. And many of the business-related notations and various banking documents are in the non-editable, digital and paper formats. What do we do if we have to extract the information which is embedded in these documents or images? How to extract and process this information for effective decision making?

Data capture software for banking

Most of the banking processes are creating thousands of paper documents every day that contains critical and classified business data. So how banking can be transformed with Kaptiche, the document capture software?

Reduced manual entry:

Kaptiche allows you to capture and extract digital data from the scanned images and paper documents through an entirely automated process, thus outdating the need for manual data entry. With its AI-powered and intelligent data extraction techniques, Kaptiche can handle huge varieties and volumes of data that banks may process and archive. So a bank does not have to enter its customer data one-by-one manually in its systems. And the result, your time is saved and you can focus on your core business functions.

Searchable and editable data:

For a bank that seeks to consolidate its customer database, collecting and searching through all the data may seem confusing. The necessary information of a customer may be in the account opening form, the past transactions in a bank statement copy, cash deposits details in a challan, variable terms and conditions of a loan in the loan application documents, and so on. What Kaptiche does is to capture all these data in the desired format and renders the captured data searchable and editable across multiple platforms. With its document indexing attribute, all these resources are organized and stored for the ready reference. Storing the extracted data and accessing them are made easy just by indexing the digital file with Kaptiche.

Intelligent character recognition:

Since Kaptiche has automated the data capture method, even the unstructured data can be extracted and converted into the editable electronic formats. Bank transaction statements, inter-bank agreements, bank loan application, loan processing, and cash credit certificates are the major everyday work cycle of a bank. When it comes to big data analysis, these unstructured data have no purpose at all and they create significant problems when the scattered information are required to be unified and extracted.

These unstructured data may be found in many formats, email, fax message, online transaction bank statements, images and so on. Handwritten documents are also prevalent in banking. Nothing escapes from the keen eyes of Kaptiche data capture software. Even the skewed fonts and cursive handwriting letters can be captured with Kaptiche.

Since the considerable amount of banking data is found in the unstructured form, Kaptiche is the right option to derive the meaningful insights.

Automatic document classification:

Kaptiche queues all the bank-related digital documents and, with the support from its automatic document classification, the extracted data is sorted and segregated. For Example, a set of data extracted from the documents of the account opening section and data belonging to the home loan is pushed to respective departments and so on, with this intelligent classification feature. With its bucket management system, Kaptiche segregates thousands of digital documents likewise and allows them to reach their respective buckets.

Let’s go and grow with Kaptiche!

Banks are spending billions on regulating their paper-ridden workplace and it is a great relief for them that, by automating this enormous task, they can work more effectively. Increase in Banking productivity and quick solution to the customer documentation process is the result of document capture. Your right decision will enrich your banking process and bring forth the desired operational excellence. Let’s make the most of Kaptiche!

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