Digital Document Capture for the Law Firms


Paper documents and the process of searching for the information in it is beyond comprehension. Law firms are no exempt either -  they are also the largest consumer of paper documents. Court rulings, subpoenas, affidavits, and the list goes on.  

Working in this information-intensive environment makes it difficult for the paralegals, lawyers, and attorneys to get in touch with their client’s confidential information on time. Digital documents are adding up with no proper solution to have meaningful data out of them. Kaptiche document capture software is the one-stop solution that digitizes all inbound data received in your firm.

Searchable texts

The problem with scanned documents is you cannot single out or search the information you want. You are supposed to manually go through every page and search for the case progress reports to get the information. Save your time and energy as Kaptiche converts the information within the scanned documents into the text-searchable, editable, and workable file formats such as CSV or JSON.  

At times when you are in need of immediate data related to the case proceedings, electronically converted data can be retrieved for quick access.

Eliminate manual data entry from your firm

Many legal firms are fond of digital advancements as they started using scanned paper documents in their documentation process. But these digitized documents are no more than a set of images. Now, an image cannot be copied. So organizations are resorting to manual data entry. They spend several hours typing the data to convert them into the readable and editable file format. For people whose job demands timely action, as in the case of lawyers, this manual process poses a big problem.

That’s where Kaptiche comes in. Kaptiche data capture software automates this data entry process. It is reliable and quick in electronically extracting the information and rendering them into the easily accessible digital file format.  

Save cost

Law firms that had been investing a big budget on manual data entry can realize significant cost savings as Kaptiche reduces human intervention. The time and money spent to amending the documents are completely saved with Kaptiche. Filing system and document pre-sorting are also automated with Kaptiche, saving your valuable resources.

In addition to capturing the data from the image-based documents with Kaptiche, you can easily access the file from anywhere using its advanced search capability. You can have inexpensive and easily searchable document storage repository where you can keep your court hearing documents and legal correspondences in your premises.

Minimize human errors

Manual data entry will inevitably lead to human errors. That makes them unreliable to get accurate information. But Kaptiche captures and extracts the data accurately, right up to the punctuation marks and exact spelling.

For example, in a lawsuit, the initial case statement of the defendant or the plaintiff has to be accurately recorded and stored to be referenced throughout the trial. If any human error should occur at any point of the data capture, it may lead to inaccurate report filing, and the case may drag for longer than it should. Kaptiche employs optical character recognition (OCR) and sets you up for error-free legal documentation.  

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