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ICR technology: human handwriting is no longer a trouble to process

Papers are the center of most offices. Companies’ paperwork increases extensively as companies expands their operations. They have become the staples of an office; their role is quite inseparable from it. Even though the 21st century’s enterprises operate around digital E-mails and scanned documents, common office space is rife with static papers as well.

Unpack the wonders of data science with digital data capture

Data, be it a small grain or in a voluminous amount is an integral part that defines the modern business domains. Excessive inbound information and its high velocity are baffling, and companies are seeking methods to utilize of these multi-directional data. But understanding the data, processing, extracting meaningful value from it, and communicating it in a beneficial way seems to be a bit trickier than what we imagine it to be.

Kaptiche, your high speed Document Capturing Software

Do you have paper files or digital files that need to be retained? Start capturing the content of your documents (invoices, patient records, insurance forms, corporate policies, registration forms, etc.,) with intelligent data capture software, Kaptiche.