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With AI Machine Vision, Kaptiche helped textile manufacturer to reduce fabric defects

Kaptiche has accomplished a notable business with a prominent textile manufacturer. In the era of integrating traditional manufacturing with smart technology, Kaptiche has helped the textile giant to achieve digital transformation with its rich process automation facilities. 

Kaptiche God’s Eye: Zero Safety Deviations with AI-based Machine Vision

Global manufacturing industries are gaining momentum with the arrival of Machine Learning to the production floors. Over and above the Automated machines and increased productivity, the production floors are still vulnerable to hazardous work conditions. It has hence become highly imperative that technological advancements in Manufacturing areas trickle down to address the compliance of the safety norms by the personnel as well.   

Get started with AI-powered manufacturing: A guide

Today existence has never been more demanding for the manufacturing of industrial products. Various factors and developments are impacting the manufacturing sector globally. In spite of contending with various factors including macroeconomic and political instability, the industries also have to respond to an ever-changing class of emerging disruptive technologies–predictive analytics, additive manufacturing, and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Using Data Capture to create quick Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

One of the primary sector which handles data’s as crucial sources for the future generation is the Manufacturing sector. The industry decision-makers and small scale manufacturers also initiate them to devote more than $232 billion overall globally for an advanced automation solution for maintaining their data.

How Digital Document Capture Supports the Productivity of Financial Sectors?


The financial industry is one of the most demanding of any other sectors. These industries are in a race to digitally transform
document intensive and compliance-centric processes.

How Document Capture Software Works for Healthcare Industry?


Healthcare industries are under constant pressure to provide high-quality patient care. They have to manage sophisticated healthcare documents such as electronic health record, hospital information, lab information, bills, etc., A document capture software enables healthcare organizations to go paperless and improve work efficiency via an electronic document workflow.