Intelligent Document Capture Software

A digitized government – how advantageous would that be?

Governments are the living and breathing machines designed to run for the welfare of its citizens. The guarantee to serve and lift the wellness of those people depends on the smooth and unobstructed operation of a government agency. The more efficient its performance, the less troubled are its people.

As well-intentioned as it is, however, that machine’s operations are clogged up due to some unpleasant internal factors, and chief among them is its unavoidable paperwork. For an administration is regulated and controlled with papers as its centerpiece.

OCR and its remarkable impact on the global business market

The global business market is met with a rush of IT revolution which is bringing along a flood of newer technologies every day. As new ideas, services, or products are showing up in large scale, their wider market reach depends on their ability to stand the test of time. In that sense, a typical would-be disruptive technology should be comprised of three major characteristics:

1. Its universal appeal – it should address issues that are universal

2. Strong potential to inject innovations even into an organization’s existing infrastructure

GDPR Regulations and the Importance of Data Capture

Have you ever wondered what happens to your data you left behind when you apply for a bank loan? How trustworthy is the bank in keeping your private data safe?

To regulate and assure the data security, the European Union has established the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This massive step of data privacy legislation guarantees the ownership of consumer data to the individual customer. This new regulation has a significant implication on the enterprises.

Digital Document Capture for the Law Firms

The stack of scanned paper documents and the trouble of searching for its information is beyond comprehension. A majority of modern organizations are troubled that. In that same vein, law firms are no exempt, and they are also the consumer of paper documents. Court rulings, subpoenas, affidavits, and the list goes on.  

Middle East Logistics: How to Clear Dubai Customs Fast and Easy by Using Kaptiche

Middle East countries, whose economy depends entirely on its natural oils, is shifting its center of economic attention to much diversified public service sectors. Saudi Arabia has already made its move by declaring “Saudi Vision 2030”, a plan to enlarge its economic fortress. It is a winning move since the plan includes logistics and supply chain as its primary focus. So it is certain that the logistics business is going to see an unprecedented boom in the middle east.  

Kaptiche in Warehousing and Logistics

It is an erroneous belief that a warehouse is not more than a storage space. The truth is, warehousing is pivotal for growth of the supply chain, stabilize the price, and to encourage mass production of goods. It serves as the center point for supply chain and other value-adding processes of goods.

Kaptiche Webinar: Key Challenges, Trends and Approaches in Extracting Data

Capturing the text information from the digital documents are posing an increasing challenge for enterprises. Even many developed companies struggle with extracting the business insights from digital paper documents.

Join us for a webinar as Mr. Vinodh K, Director of Business and Technology, Sensiple, leads you through the automated document capture. Be guided into the world of quick and reliable data capture and have control over your workplace information.

Automatic Data Capture Software in the healthcare industry

Efficient data handling could be the cornerstone of any successful business empire. But in a healthcare setting, PwC, a professional services firm, has estimated that for every working hour, at least 30 minutes are spent on paperwork alone. Clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare service providers are investing billions of money and other significant resources on their paperwork every year that could be better invested in patient care.

Email Data Capture using Kaptiche

In the modern era of digital communications, the primary mode of correspondence is Emails. In your workplace, you may receive different sorts of digital mails – emails that are plain texts and emails with attachments. The conversion of all these bulk data into actionable business intelligence is indeed a remarkable task. But the traditional manual data entry process in a mailroom is tiresome, and it demands much effort.

The role of Document Capture Software in the realm of logistics and supply chain

Ever since the global market has seen the previously unknown rise of the shipping and logistics business, it is no exaggeration to state that it has been the defining and the game-changing sector that upholds the economy of a nation.