Three top Data Automation use-cases to start with Healthcare

Healthcare is driven by affordability and quality of the service offered. Healthcare churns out a lot of data in and out from pharmacy, patient data, laboratory results etc., At one point, it becomes a heap of data garbage and becomes useless lacking insights for decision making. 73% of data is unused in healthcare industry due to lack of automation, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

Use case 1: Intelligent Invoice processing and PO generation

How Data Governance can be Ensured with Kaptiche?

If we were to name a persisting issue that seems unsolvable in business sectors, it is the issue of securing the business data. Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent, endangering the security and safe transaction of data. So companies are now forced to resort to the necessary means to ensure data security.

Automatic Data Capture Software in the healthcare industry

Efficient data handling could be the cornerstone of any successful business empire. But in a healthcare setting, PwC, a professional services firm, has estimated that for every working hour, at least 30 minutes are spent on paperwork alone. Clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare service providers are investing billions of money and other significant resources on their paperwork every year that could be better invested

How Document Capture Software Works for Healthcare Industry?


Healthcare industries are under constant pressure to provide high-quality patient care. They have to manage sophisticated healthcare documents such as electronic health record, hospital information, lab information, bills, etc., A document capture software enables healthcare organizations to go paperless and improve work efficiency via an electronic document workflow.