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With AI Machine Vision, Kaptiche helped textile manufacturer to reduce fabric defects

Kaptiche has accomplished a notable business with a prominent textile manufacturer. In the era of integrating traditional manufacturing with smart technology, Kaptiche has helped the textile giant to achieve digital transformation with its rich process automation facilities. 

Get greater visibility into your laborers’ productivity with smart data capture

The most important and vital strength of a company is its human workforce. Every company’s aim is to measure their employee’s complete potential and to identify their eminent labour. The overall efficiency of the company’s output and impact towards the business market is completely based on their labors’ productivity and performance.

Traceability: Track Pre, On, And Post-production Of Products With Ultimate Precision

Is it worth focussing on Product Traceability? This is a million-dollar question from manufacturing industry on its effectiveness in production and supply chain management. Ultimately, the overall efficiency is gauged against the productivity of the plant against its finished goods per shift or specified duration. Hence every product needs to be traced end-to-end throughout its lifecycle to know its current location, history, ingredients used, and the process applied.

How Kaptiche can Make its Marks on the Manufacturing Industry

Following the wake of the global financial crisis 2007-08, the business market was feared to have experienced an irrevocable blow. But it was the manufacturing industry that helped the economy to rebound to its steady state. The World Bank itself has acknowledged the “cyclical recovery of the global economy by manufacturing activity.”

GDPR Regulations and the Importance of Data Capture

Have you ever wondered what happens to your data you left behind when you apply for a bank loan? How trustworthy is the bank in keeping your private data safe?

To regulate and assure the data security, the European Union has established the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This massive step of data privacy legislation guarantees the ownership of consumer data to the individual customer. This new regulation has a significant implication on the enterprises.

Digital Document Capture for the Law Firms

Paper documents and the process of searching for the information in it is beyond comprehension. Law firms are no exempt either -  they are also the largest consumer of paper documents. Court rulings, subpoenas, affidavits, and the list goes on.  

Data Capture Solution for Accounting and Finance

Financial accounting, which is justly called the “language of business” records the economic activities of an enterprise. And the prime focus of accounting is to disseminate the information for the creditors, investors, or other financial regulatory bodies. Of all the business sectors, accounting and finance are highly sensitive partly because they are accountable to the accounting firms and governmental regulators.

A large number of paper ledgers, auditing, and taxation documents have made it difficult for companies to gain vital information from the stack of digital papers.

Document Capture Software in Banking Systems

Banking is the cornerstone for the economic growth of a nation. Investment banks and commercial banks alike have numerous documentation processes that it is difficult to keep up with them all. And many of the business-related notations and various banking documents are in the non-editable, digital and paper formats. What do we do if we have to extract the information which is embedded in these documents or images? How to extract and process this information for effective decision making?