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Reshape the paper-ridden academia with digital transformation

Educational institutions are inseparable from their exhaustive paperwork. Virtually every strand of a university’s daily operation is tied with volumes of paper and the practical troubles associated with extracting information from them. These academic establishments are slowed down by this unproductive hold-up.

Right from the university applications, all the way through the examination evaluations, papers are the pivotal part of education. Students’ record, progress analysis, and many other academic practices are dominated by extensive paperwork.

How Kaptiche can Make its Marks on the Manufacturing Industry

Following the wake of the global financial crisis 2007-08, the business market was feared to have experienced an irrevocable blow. But it was the manufacturing industry that helped the economy to rebound to its steady state. The World Bank itself has acknowledged the “cyclical recovery of the global economy by manufacturing activity.”

Kaptiche Document Capture in Mortgage Loans

The housing market is recovering from the global financial crisis in 2008. Statistics corroborate this fact. has estimated that in 2017 alone 3.69 million home purchase loans were approved in the U.S and numbers are rising. Owning a home is becoming a reality for dreamers.