Accounting and Finance

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) automation: elevate your tiresome workflow to i4.0 standards

Procurement-to-Payment (P2P) process still remains the complicated business process for manufacturers. It involves multiple complex processes and yet unresolved of inefficient workflows, human errors, and lack of visibility across the supply chain. From choosing the suppliers to the final payment to the vendors, it is a difficult task to manage.

Data Capture Solution for Accounting and Finance

Financial accounting, which is justly called the “language of business” records the economic activities of an enterprise. And the prime focus of accounting is to disseminate the information for the creditors, investors, or other financial regulatory bodies. Of all the business sectors, accounting and finance are highly sensitive partly because they are accountable to the accounting firms and governmental regulators.

A large number of paper ledgers, auditing, and taxation documents have made it difficult for companies to gain vital information from the stack of digital papers.

Document Capture Software in Banking Systems

Banking is the cornerstone for the economic growth of a nation. Investment banks and commercial banks alike have numerous documentation processes that it is difficult to keep up with them all. And many of the business-related notations and various banking documents are in the non-editable, digital and paper formats. What do we do if we have to extract the information which is embedded in these documents or images? How to extract and process this information for effective decision making?