Automatic Data Capture Software in the healthcare industry


Efficient data handling could be the cornerstone of any successful business empire. But in a healthcare setting, PwC, a professional services firm, has estimated that for every working hour, at least 30 minutes are spent on paperwork alone. Clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare service providers are investing billions of money and other significant resources on their paperwork every year that could be better invested
in patient care.

Well, what are the solutions for this paperwork? How all these large amounts of medical data stored in the digital and non-digital documents can be used? How do we extract and convert them into the usable medical intelligence?

Automate your data capture process

The usual medical record of a patient may contain various paper documents that detail the patient’s medical history, medications, diagnoses, prescriptions, radiology images, and laboratory results. All these documents contain much critical information about the patient which may be used for reference throughout his lifetime. To archive them for future reference, document imaging is the usual practice of taking the picture of the paper document by scanning them – a practice to digitalize the ordinary paper. 

But all those scanned medical records are of no use if those valuable data are not extracted. How the usual data extraction is done? You are required to manually search through the document and manually type the data into a digital format. So instead of this, automating the manual data entry is a wise option we do have  Kaptiche data capture software is specifically designed for capturing and extracting the data trapped within these paper documents.

Classify your documents:

For example, in a blood test lab, the test results are documented under each patient’s medical record file. And a hospital may have several patients with the same name. To avoid the malpractice of wrongly filing one patient’s report to his namesake’s, it is safe to have other unique data such as birthdate to conform with the name. With Kaptiche, you can capture the birthdate and many other unique data along with the name of the patient. You can easily search through and index these electronically converted data. Once classification and validation of the data is done, you can archive the reports appropriately – resulting in error-free healthcare documentation.

Capture even the handwritten documents:

It is a common practice to write the medical prescriptions manually in a pharmaceutical environment. Copying that information manually is highly risky since the handwritten paper medical records may be poorly legible. It may result in incomplete or inaccurate prescription notations. But now Kaptiche intelligently recognizes even these handwritten characters using ICR technology. It captures them and you can render the data into a readable file, thanks to Kaptiche’ s cognitive capabilities.

Predict diseases with the extracted data:

The next best course of action on the part of a healthcare institution is disease control. Medical analysts usually consolidate all medical records in a region to trace the trends in diseases, infection spread, and variants of the viral illnesses. Is it that easy to aggregate volumes of medical documents, that goes back to years, to find the information? With Kaptiche, all you need is to define the specific data to be captured. Just feed into Kaptiche all these varieties of documents and it automatically classifies the data and extracts the necessary information into a readable and editable format. Analysts can easily figure out the patterns in epidemic outbreaks with the extracted data and predict the potential diseases beforehand and take earlier preventive measures.  

Make a smart move in the clinical industry

Personalized treatments, improved patient engagement, and emergency decision-making are the key components for a successful healthcare industry. All these factors depend on the insights you gain from your data. Kaptiche helps you to capture your medical data and be ahead in the race. This results in a better patient service with lesser workplace operational cost.

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